Honoring Our Veterans

We at Tolosa Baptist Church Would like to acknowledge the sacrifices of our men and women of the Armed Service of the United States, and their Families.  As the Pastor of Tolosa Baptist church, I recognize their sacrifice all too well, as a retired First Sargent in US Army, and having served our nation for more than twenty-five years, and for most of that my wife and our children were right there with me, I know what they have had to give up while serving, Birthdays, Anniversaries, School activities, and much more.  I know the trauma of war having served in Veit Nam 1968 through Desert Storm,1991, and the fears that lays upon the families left behind.  If you are a veteran of the Armed Services, active or previous, we want you to know that you are important, respected, and appreciated.  We pray for you and your families.

We also would like to extend this same appreciation and honor to our First Responders, those men and women who serve every day in our communities.  The Police, Fire Fighters, EMS personnel, who like our armed forces, you serve not because you had to, you but because you care deeply for the people you serve, and the communities in which they live.  Many times, it is without recognition, thought you weren’t looking for it, many times it is without respect, many times it seems that you don’t matter until someone needs you.  But understand this, that’s not how we feel, and Jesus know it all too well.  You like our Military are always in our prayers.