Our Statement of Faith

We believe that Bible is inerrant word of God, that there is no contradiction in it, that it was given to devote men of God by the Holy Spirit, to record for all mankind the precious words of our heavenly Father, and that it has not changed, as he has not changed, and it is as valid today as it was when God gave it to men. That it is no respecter of persons, social norms, political pressures, or individual interpretations, it was settled forever in heaven, and it is just as valid todays as when it was given.

We believe That there is only one eternal God, who exist in the three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and The Holy Spirit. Which we accept and know as the Trinity.  Each having the same Holy nature and Character. Though each may play different part, all serving the same purpose.

We believe that all men are born into this world as sinners because of the disobedience of the First man Adam. For that reason, all men became separated from God.  As God is Holy, he cannot accept sinfulness, therefor all humanity fell into a state of condemnation, condemned to an eternal death in the Lake of fire, is the second death.

We believe that God having Condemned Sin by sentence of Everlasting Death, because he is a loving God and a Just God, also created a means by which he would pay the price of sin himself, and mankind could be redeemed from sin and condemnation by the Sacrifice of one who was innocent, to pay the debt of sin in our place.

We believe that Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God, willingly became that debt payment, Coming to Earth in the Form of flesh, born of a virgin woman, Mary, and living a Sinless life among men, suffered a died on the Cross at Calvary, was buried in the grave for three days, and as he prophesied, and by his own power arose after the third day alive, and ascended 40 days later, to take his place at the right hand of the Father, to await his return.

We believe that that same Jesus is the only way to salvation, because he only took the sins of all mankind for all time once to the cross and died in our place.  In so doing men must come in faith, believing that they are incapable of saving themselves and needing someone to save them from eternal death, accept the free gift God gave to redeem them, and confessing their sinful and wicked nature, and asking his forgiveness, by that confession God is faithful to forgive their sins and Christ ‘s blood will save them, and they will receive eternal life.

We believe that no one may enter heaven by any other means, that no one can go to heaven by works or deeds, by social status, nor by any other belief, for no one is righteous in the sight of God, and there is no way to please God except by faith. that the Blood of Jesus Christ Covers all sin, and that once confession is made that God will not remember their past sins ever again, thereby sealing them until the day of redemption by the Holy Spirit in the Glorious Hope of the resurrection to come.

We believe that Salvation comes by the Preaching of the Word of God, by the calling of the Holy Spirit, and by Faith. It is not a thing of aged or knowledge of scriptures, or perfection in religious ritual, That the Holy Spirit calls whom he has convicted, and understanding of why one must be saved.  God will justify those he justifies, and he will sanctify all who have believed.

We believe that men must be Baptized, not to complete Salvation, but as a public profession of their faith and unity with Christ in his death burial and resurrection unto eternal life. That that Baptism should be a full emersion baptism in the example of Christ Fulfillment of Prophecy with John at the river Jordan.

We believe that the Church is a Holy assembly of Like believers of which Christ alone is the head.  That though there are many different duties within the Church, all are equal before God, and no one is above the other.  Though some are called to service as Pastors, Deacons, Teachers, etc. all are servants to the Church, which are the body of believers in that assembly. That God has a plan for every person who comes to salvation regardless of Age, knowledge, experience, or ability.  And that those plans are to our wellbeing and growth in the spirit, as well as to service to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to further the Great Commission.

We believe that Pastors and Deacons are God’s gift to the Church, put there to preach the Word of God as they are lead of the Holy Spirit, they are the Spiritual leaders of the Church, they are there for the edification of the Church, to watch for the spiritual growth of those in the Assembly, and the Spiritual function and outreach of the Chruch.

We believe that there are two ordinances given to the Church by Christ, which are the Lord’s Supper or Communion and Baptism.  We partake of the Lord’s Supper on the last Sunday of each month that has five Sundays. It is an open communion; we do not restrict it to members only, leaving it the individual and to God to determine their worthiness to participate in that practice, knowing that as individuals each is accountable to God for how they participate.  

We believe that the church is directed to support Missionary work, that great Commision is our authority to take the word of God to all Nations, that we do so by supporting local missions, and foreign missions, as much as the Church is able, we are to share the bounty of the Lord’s blessings as individuals and as a Church.  Therefore, we believe to do so each person must follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their giving to the Church, though the scripture tells us that we should give 10% of the First Fruits to the Lord, it is between each person’s conscience and God what that means.